kosen profile photo KOSEN
a.k.a.Colorful Mannings, The Beatmoss
Composer/Sound Producer

Birthday: 4.29


KOSEN is a Japanese recording artist, composer for Film and TV, and best known as a member of the hip-hop rock band THE BEATMOSS. He currently pursues a solo career that is called, “Colorful Mannings.”
His sound is influenced by 80’s New Wave/Techno and also 90’s alternative rock /grunge music.

KOSEN was born and raised in Tokyo. In 2003, He had moved to San Diego in the U.S to study making film.
After he graduated from college in U.S, he made his debut as a member of the Japanese rock band Peaky SALT. House Foods Corporation featured songs of the band in their TV commercial. The band also played in a lot of famous Japanese TV shows, including Fuji TV’s “HEY! HEY! HEY! MUSIC CHAMP.” KOSEN scored three singles and two albums in two years util the band broke up.

Following the disbandment of Peaky SALT in 2010, KOSEN started scoring hip-hop/rock songs with Finnish-Japanese rapper ILMARI, who is best known as a member of RIP SLYME, and they formed a band THE BEATMOSS with bassist YAS and drummer SOHNOSUKE (also know as a member of jazz quartet “quasimode”).
The band’s second single “SUPERSTAR” was chosen as a campaign song for world-famous brand “adidas originals” -Unite All Originals -Rashisa wo Butsukero-.

Besides recording with THE BEATMOSS, he currently pursues a solo career that is called, “Colorful Mannings.” He has already scored as “Colorful Mannings” for two feature films (“Koikarassa”(2013), “Happy Landing”(2014)) and serial drama (“MOSO Girlfriend”(2015), “Sogeki”(2016), NHK Animation “Neko Neko Nihonshi”(2017)
As a Colorful Mannings, he is releasing worldwide on iTunes, Apple Music and Spotify.